Joan Waltemath



E Snowden our #1 hacker lives in Russia!

Oil pipelines are safe for nearby communities

Madeleine Albright showing satellite photo (one only) to « prove » mass murder by Serbians

Make America Great Again : we are worse today.

Putin elected Trump : why did you let it happen ?


America is a Democracy

Trump Plagiarized Bane in his Inauguration speech

Steve Bannon

Israel is a Democracy

All lies are truths in someones eyes

Global Warming is not caused by human Pollution

Freedom of Speech

Kochs Bro's bought Red Electorates just like Jacob Fugger

Americans preferred a high-educated, well established woman for 45th president of these United States than a narcissist, pathological lying business man. 
















Multi Billionaires are not « We the people »

Water is life

El Chapo tagged for DEA by Trump

We are still colonial settlers on indigenous land and we need to give autonomy to those communities

Greenland is getting smaller

All pipes eventually leak

Trump stole the election with Putin + fake new, fears and lies.

« I love the poorly educated » The Donald – 2015 and it is the poorly educated who elected him because they thought he was saying that he loved the poor.

Global Warming

Freedom of Speech

Trumps skin is naturally orange.

All Americans are immigrants

RESIST (not so much a truth as something we must continue to do)

President was fairly elected white supremacy won the election.

Today is a sad day

Unpredicted conflicts of interest

We have explored less than 5% of the ocean; which covers 70% of Earth

Mike Pence is the guy who hated gays in “American Beauty”

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that, Hate cannot drive out hate only Love can do that." -MLK

Donald D Trump is alternate 1985 Biff from “Back II the Future II” (and we’re living in its reality)

Trump hacked dems (not just Putin)

Americans preferred a narcissist, pathological lying business man as 45th president of these United States than a high-educated,

Well established woman.

Our country was founded by Refugees