Jakob S. Boeskov


How would I run Shadow Intel? Allow me to be crystal clear: Given good manpower and an adequate budget I am certain that I could get the CIA (which recently has had an unfortunate track record of failed coup d’etats, sex scandals and fabricated evidence) up to speed.

Let me start by stating that what we’re seeing now is nothing new. The new AMERICAN JUNTA of billionaires, bankers and reality TV stars simply represents the current manifestation of an old problem. Global simulation has been growing like an aggressive cancer for at least 45 years now. What we’re seeing now is the birth of what some call The Singularity, others call it Totalitarian Capitalism. In other words: GLOBAL COMPUTER FASCISM.

In a world dominated by global computer networks and non-linear warfare the NEW CIA will increasingly become adversarial to Wall Street and the banks. In the last few years some new strange demons have been born on the internet: Malevolent corporations, tireless terrorists and paranoid populists. It has been said that it is not easy to be a CEO (after all these pour souls are beholden to Abstract Computer Algorithms of Private Profit) but it is also a challenge to be an AGENCY MAN. Every time we here at the headquarters of THE NEW CIA do our best to destabilize an enemy nation (using well-tested methods such as assassinations or fabricated evidence) the Corporations move in and sell the enemy weapons or buy their oil. New Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson has been doing that for years. He was, after all, the head of Exxon Mobile Yemen. As kleptocracies take hold in all corners of the world, the NEW CIA becomes a natural nemesis of Wall Street and the banks. My first order of business as the director of SHADOW INTEL would be to address that.

The National Security Advisor, Michel Flynn has been fired, as a result of leaked secret recordings done by NSA. The first cracks in the Trump presidency are starting to show. The clashes between the security agencies, between CIA and the Trump cabinet is not going to be a one-off event. As a clumsy team of new American oligarchs move into the White House we are reminded ofinancialized f the inherent conflict between Trump and the CIA. What is this about? It is about money. The new Trump cabinet is the richest cabinet in US history, with solid connections to Wall Street. CIA and the new American oligarchs will increasingly become adversaries. It’s the Deep State vs Total Capitalism. The clash is inherent because the global interest ofWall Street might not always be similar to the national interest of the CIA or the FBI.  This schism was bound to occur sooner or later as total capitalism moves beyond national borders on internet speed. Who are the new American oligarchs? It’s perhaps interesting to note that the American oligarchs has very little in common with the Russian oligarchs. The Russian oligarchy was built on a corporate take-over of state owned companies, often dealing in natural resources. The new American oligarchy is built on the control of assets of a much more virtual character. This is a reflection of a financialized American economy. The majority of the new American wealth is owned by finance profiteers or CEO’s of data monopolies such as Google or FaceBook.  The conflict between the American oligarchs and CIA starts in America and then it moves to the world stage. Consider how efficiently Vladimir Putin has played Trump. Vladimir Putin is by some estimates the richest man in the world. In a world defined by simulations (simulated financial systems, simulated social relations etc etc) who do you think will win? Putin or Trump?  Let’s analyze the players: Putin is a former KGB agent who learned to navigate both the simulated world of late stage communism and the brutal world of totalitarian capitalism. Trump is an American reality TV star with a history of bankruptcy and failed real real estate projects. You could say that Donald Trump is an ACTOR in reality TV, while Vladimir Putin CREATES reality TV. Meanwhile in America, we will see more and more clashes between CIA and the new cabinet.  Some will ask: What side you are on? Perhaps you should refuse to answer this question, because it’s this kind of simplified binary logic that got us in this mess to begin with. (Hillary vs Trump? Really? How about Bernie Sanders?)

This is the deal: Trump is in essence a clownish figurehead for a new kind of total capitalism. This capitalism is total in the sense that everything which is not corporate is regarded as the enemy. What is the ultimate goal of Total Capitalism? To privatize the CIA. War has already been privatized. (think of private mercenary corporations such as BlackWater)  - Perhaps the logical next step is to privatize the CIA? Yesterday in New York Times the journalists James Risen and Matthew Rosenberg wrote about how the White House is trying to place Trump ally Stephen A. Feinberg in a position where he can take control of the CIA and FBI. Stephen Feinberg is the CEO of Cerebus Capital Management who owns DynCorp, a private military contractor. Will Stephen Feinberg be able to take control of CIA? The beasts are fighting. The world is turning. Democracy is coming to the USA. How long will it take? What do you think?